In Person Group Classes

Group Music Classes

In B2R group classes, students learn how to play their instrument in a stimulating team-based environment. The healthy camaraderie and competition that results motivates students to practice and improve quickly. Students receive a combination of individualized attention and group direction including ensemble playing. This approach leads to well-rounded musicianship, and prepares students to perform in a variety of ensembles/bands or as soloists.

B2R’s team of talented teachers and arrangers creates customized song arrangements based on the size of each group, age/level of the students and instrument. Students will learn the intricacies of playing in a group- listening to each other, feeling a strong rhythmic pulse, and practicing good teamwork. These are rewarding life-long skills.

On an individual level, students will develop proficiency on their instrument in a variety of areas including technique, music theory, and learning to read musical notes and symbols. Each class will have a creative component. Students will experiment in composition and improvisation as well as learning song form.

An important facet of the B2R methodology is the use of songs that are popular among the students as well as introducing them to other styles. Mastering current “pop” tunes is motivating for the students and earns them recognition from their peers.

Group classes offered in keyboard/piano, guitar, drums, and vocals.

Join a band

The special excitement about music training at Bach to Rock comes from students playing together in bands. Our professional band coaches work closely with... read more

Glee Club

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Early Childhood Music Class Kids n Keys

For kids 5 - 7 years old, Kids N Keys introduces children to the fundamentals of music and piano playing in a fun group-setting... read more

Fun With Music

B2R’s Fun With Music class introduces students to the drums, guitar, piano, ukulele, and singing... read more

Group Piano & Keyboard Class

Learn piano in a fun social group atmosphere! Group piano class provides students an excellent introduction to the keyboard and prepares them for... read more

Group Guitar Class

Guitar 101 will focus on creating multi-part music as an ensemble, with the end result being a recording made in the studio and a performance at the end of the session... read more

Group Drum Class

Drums 101 gives students the opportunity to apply their rhythmic knowledge to the entire drum set. We will use contemporary music in order to... read more

Group Ukulele Class

Students will learn the basics of ukulele in an interactive group setting. Starting with the fundamentals of ukulele and music theory... read more

DJ Lessons

Beat Refinery is dedicated to teaching all facets of being a DJ by combining traditional methods alongside the ever changing technology. We are committed to developing the next... read more

Voice 101

Students will sing in a variety of styles, rock and pop through classical, learning essential skills... read more

Music Production 101

Utilizing BandLab for Education, a free online recording platform, students learn the basics of recording, editing and mixing... read more

Songwriting 101

Over the course of B2R’s Songwriting 101 class, students learn the basics of writing a song... read more

What is B2R?

Why B2R?

  • Individual instruction with proprietary curriculum
  • Students are motivated by playing with others in a band
  • A band builds teamwork, develops social skills, fosters self-esteem and leads to lasting friendships.
  • Everyone learns faster playing music they like
  • Students are motivated to learn when they see early results
  • Introducing very young children to music supports cognitive development and motor skills.

"Multiple studies link music study to academic achievement. But what is it about serious music training that seems to correlate with outsize success in other fields?" Read More